Is the AI Logo maker platform Tailor Brands the right choice for your new business logo?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a logo in a few minutes and use it on all your business materials for a cheap price? This is the value offered by Tailor Brands Their AI online design tool enables you to design and customize logos for your website, business card, social media, letterhead, etc.

But, does their service justify not hiring a professional logo designer? And, how does the quality of their designs match with what you can expect from a good designer? Let’s compare both options.

Tailor brands logo maker vs. logo designer

For this comparison, we will consider design options and pricing. Tailor Brands  selects the logo designs based on your input – text and style preferences. You can change the color, text, font, style, layout, and also any icon you initially selected for the logo. They offer a wide range of design options, but, with design software, you shouldn’t expect the level of customization you would get by consulting a logo designer. 

The edge Tailor Brands will give you will be in value for money. With their software, you can create a logo online for a fraction of what you would normally pay a good logo designer. Also, you can create mockups of the logo free of charge. So, if you do the designing yourself, the only thing you will be initially investing is time.

Which is better?

While considerably cheaper, automatic logo makers do have their limitations. The Tailor Brands tool works better for text-based logos. If you need a good text and icon combination for your business, then you may get it with their service. But, if you have a complex logo that requires a lot of customization and creativity, then going the graphic design expert route will work better.

Tailor Brands Design Samples

Here are some logos we have selected from the company’s social pages

Uniqueness of designs

The logo you create may have a unique combination of your business name and any design elements you use. But, the design won’t be unique because any other user of the tool can use the same design elements to create a similar logo. 

Pricing for logo design services

The cost of hiring a logo designer varies greatly. Two popular platforms for logo designers are Fiverr and 99designs. On Fiverr, freelancers set their own prices, so by browsing around you may find a plan that’s great in terms of price and quality. The “Top Rated Sellers” on Fiverr charge between $50 and $100. The 99Designs platform sets their own prices; they charge around $300 for logos.

Tailor Brands offers three monthly packages: $3.99 Basic, $9.99 Standard, and $15.99 Premium. With this basic plan, you can get the logo in high quality and resize it according to your requirements. The standard package includes vector files, business card, and stationary tools, and access to a large free image and icon library. The premium package is really a design plus marketing deal where you get the standard plan plus social media scheduler and analytics tools. 

How the Tailor Brands design tool works

Tailor Brands  design processes start by asking for your company name and Tagline.

tailor brands home page
Tailor Brands Homepage

Next, you will ask to add your company industry and a short description

pick your industry page

Through a series of basic questions,Tailor Brand’s AI attempts to formulate the perfect logo for your new brand. obviously, we decided to try the free version with Growthparty name first to see what would happen. Now the fun part starts, you have the choice of selecting a logo that focuses on icon-based, name-based or initial-based. You can select all three to see which looks best but not at once, as you have to decide on one option to move forward.

The final stage in the logo generation process is answering a series of questions. Generally more curly, elegant typefaces are presented against more clean, modern ones. Try to answer these questions several times and see other possible outcomes.

From our little experiments with Tailor Brand’s  platform, we think  Tailor Brand’s can be an amazing solution for smaller businesses that just need one logo and don’t want to put in the time and cost that comes with a human designer. In the end, The best thing Tailor Brand’s as to offer is the ability to allo aspiringng entrepreneur to create a fast, affordable and beautiful branding for their new venture.

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