Video creator / Vlogger? find thousands of royalty free Music & Audio, For free and in a few seconds

So, you are a video creator or maybe an upcoming vlogger? you probably already know that to find background music for your upcoming videos is not always a simple task.

If you were too busy searching Google for “free music” You probably missed an amazing tool called ‘YouTube Audio Library’ that youtube Released way back in 2013. ‘YouTube Audio Library’ features a collection of sound effects and songs that creators can download and use in their video creation for absolutely free! Like everything YouTube does, it’s convenient and very simple to use. Go through our short guide and in a few minutes you will find amazing songs and tracks for your exciting new creation.

Browsing for new tracks:

When you first enter ‘YouTube Audio Library‘ home page you will find a simple and clean user interface, aim to help you find what you were looking for quickly. now, you can choose between two categories, Sound Effects, and Free Music. In both options, you can simply search for new tracks Through the search bar

If you didn’t find what you were looking for. you can use any of the following filters to narrow down your selection. Genre, Mood, Instrument, Duration, Attribution

Now, after you’ve found the list of tracks you wish, you can press the play button to listen to a short preview. Congratulations!! now that you found what you look for just click the download button. it’s yours for free and forever

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